Beginning 12/02/20: Metuchen Pharmaceuticals and Neurotrope Biosciences have become Petros Pharmaceuticals.

Through passion, vision and partnerships

Taking Men’s Health
To New Heights.


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Stendra is an FDA-approved PDE-5 inhibitor prescription medication for the treatment of ED.

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Timm Medical produces the most powerful Vacuum Therapy System on the market.

Focusing On The Root Cause,
Not Just The Symptoms.

Behind every symptom is a story. Alongside industry-leading partners and forward-thinking investors, our aspiration is to bring humanity back to healthcare to treat the person, not the problem.

Passion Led Us Here

We believe that a man’s health reaches beyond himself, often impacting those he aims to live for. It is our mission to therapeutically empower, enable and enhance his capacity to do so.

Vision drives us forward

As we look to the future, we continue to forge partnerships and develop science-driven innovations with the goal of advancing the mind, body, and spirit.


Key Management

Our management team consists of industry leaders and change makers in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our Partnerships

We partner, are guided and advised by some of the greatest minds in Men’s Health therapeutics.

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In the pipeline

Innovations of Excellence

We’re working to partner with some of the most renowned doctors, institutions and research laboratories around the country to discover what’s possible in Men’s Health.

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We’re Committed To Changing Lives

By considering the broad spectrum of underlying pathologies, our objectives are to raise awareness, address unmet needs and provide access to developing revolutionary treatments.

Join Us In Shaping The Future Of Men’s Health

Through passion, vision and partnerships, our goal is to take men’s health to new heights.